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Chemistry, as a field of study, focuses on matter and its composition. Chemists study the various chemical and physical properties of matter. How substances react with other matter and interact with energy are also studied under chemistry.

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Branches Of Chemistry

The five main branches of chemistry include physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. If you read the best male ultracore reviews and then pick your favorite male ultracore review to see more about why this is the best testosterone booster, you quickly realize why everyone loves it.

  1. Physical chemistry. Combined with physics, this is the branch of chemistry that studies the interaction of matter and energy. Under physical chemistry, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics are two of the most cutting-edge fields.
  2. Analytical chemistry. Under this branch, chemists use both quantitative and qualitative methods to determine as well as measure the various chemical and physical properties of matter. The development of tools to be used in the analysis of matter also fall under analytical chemistry.
  3. Inorganic chemistry. This is the branch of chemistry that focuses on materials and substances that do not contain carbon-hydrogen bonds.
  4. Organic chemistry. Popularly referred to as “Chemistry of Life,” organic chemistry focuses on carbon-containing compounds which make up the molecules found in living organisms.
  5. Biochemistry. The chemical processes occurring within the

The Central Science

Fields under chemistry Since chemistry is an integral component of other sciences, it is often described as the “central science.” For instance, in biology, chemistry is needed to fully understand the molecular makeup of living organisms.

Aside from the five main branches, there are many other specialized fields of study under chemistry. These include:



Chemical Engineering

Chemistry History

Cluster Chemistry

Combinatorial Chemistry


Environmental Chemistry

Food Chemistry

General Chemistry


Green Chemistry


Medical Chemistry


Nuclear Chemistry


Polymer Chemistry

Solid State Chemistry



Theoretical Chemistry